Podcast Promotion

Position your company as a leading expert in your industry.

Growing a podcast takes a heck of a lot more than just posting generic copy on social media. And you won’t become popular by accident.

You need a plan and expert help to execute it.

Yes, you could hire a marketing agency or a content-regurgitating AI tool. But neither solution understands the complexities of podcast promotion.

When you work with Come Alive, you get immediate access to the expertise and wisdom we’ve been steadily building for over a decade. We know your business depends on trust and how to use your podcast to build strong relationships.

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Our podcast promotion process includes:

  • Marketing strategy.
  • Content repurposing tips.
  • Add your podcast to your website.
  • Outreach to podcast guests.
  • Write show notes.
  • Create transcriptions.
  • Make social media assets.
  • Write newsletter copy.

Add-on services:

The following are more advanced marketing methods that we offer.

  • Advanced earned, owned, and paid marketing strategies.
  • Create in-depth content repurposing campaigns.
  • Establish partnerships and leverage cross-promotion.
  • Analyze competition for opportunities.
  • Research target listeners and their online behavior.
  • Targeted podcast advertising.
  • Produce additional video content.
  • Identify podcast guesting opportunities.
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Rise above the noise and connect with your audience.

What it’s like to work with Come Alive.

“Come Alive’s strategy has helped us supercharge our content marketing.”

“Come Alive has done WONDERS for our podcast production. Thanks to Jeff and his entire team, we have generated over 375K downloads for our shows and several are performing in the top 5% of all podcasts. We have an average 4.7 star rating across our shows and have been in top of Apple podcasts charts for over 100 weeks straight!

Come Alive’s strategy has helped us supercharge our content marketing, develop new strategic partnerships and client leads, and helped us cross-promote our product portfolio to loyal audiences. Our partnership with Come Alive is truly special and it’s clear that their team is invested in our success and really cares about the quality of our work together. Thanks team!!”

Pam Kosanke

Chief Revenue Officer, Global EOS®

“Jeff and his team care about our purpose and our success. We could not do it without them!”

“Come Alive has been producing my podcast, Leading Voices in Real Estate, for the past 6+ years. It is so helpful to outsource the technical side of this plus I get a lot of advice and business consulting on the podcast as well as a good friend. Jeff and his team care about our purpose and our success. We could not do it without them!!”

Matt Slepin

Co-head of Real Estate Search, Terra/ZRG Partners

Resources for promoting your podcast.

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Get the personal touch of podcast experts who also care about your success.

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