Podcast Planning

Make your podcast sound amazing starting from episode 01.

It takes more than luck to create a podcast that’s worthy of downloading.

That’s why strategic planning is the first and arguably most important phase of starting a show. A great plan will make production and promotion 1000 times easier.

Attract the attention of industry leaders within your first season, link ROI back to individual episodes, and improve your reputation within the right network.

Those are some of the results we’ve achieved for our clients.

When you partner with our full-service team, you are guaranteed an expertly planned podcast from day one.

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Our podcast planning service includes: 

  • Define your goals and audience. 
  • Choose your niche, format, and premise.
  • Identify your categories and topics. 
  • Identify and prepare for your guests.
  • Design your podcast brand. 
  • Ship you the right equipment. 
  • Plan and record your trailer episodes. 
  • Set up podcast hosting. 
  • Launch your podcast feed.

What it’s like to plan a show with Come Alive.

“Come Alive knew precisely how to translate our goals into an exceptional dynamic show.”

When we set out to create a podcast for coaches in an already crowded space, we wanted something completely unique that would deliver more value than a traditional interview format.

Thankfully, Jeff and his talented team at Come Alive knew precisely how to translate our goals into an exceptional, dynamic show. Rather than simply having a host interview a guest, our show features multiple guests sharing different perspectives on a single topic per episode, with compelling narration connecting it all together.

Their team managed everything from guest interviews to scriptwriting and final production, allowing me to focus on my other responsibilities as an executive at Coach Factory and MotivationCode.com.

Despite being new and relatively unknown, our podcast has attracted many notable guests in our first season and received glowing feedback from the coaching community, all thanks to Come Alive’s dedication and expertise.

They didn’t just make a podcast; they made a standout show that both our team and our audience love.

If you’re a busy executive like me, you need to get the most out of every day. But it takes a tremendous amount of planning, time, and effort to craft a compelling podcast that truly fulfills your goals. If that sounds familiar, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Jeff and the team at Come Alive today!

Shawn Hesketh

Vice President of Learning Strategy and Design, Motivations AI

“Come Alive is all of the things that we could ever ask for in a partner.”

Jeff and his team are very hardworking, solution-oriented, and have a get-it-done mentality. We are new in this territory (podcasting) and they helped us approach this project and this podcast in a very thoughtful and intentional way which is very important to us. We feel like we are an important client. It’s all of the things that we could ever ask for in a partner.

Corey Quinn

(former) CMO, Scorpion

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