Podcast Analytics

Make smart decisions based on the metrics that matter most.

Measuring the success and ROI is different for each show, and completely dependent on goals.

While it’s easy to find your total downloads, listener location, and engagement rates, making sense of all the information and turning it into actionable insights is a difficult task.

Our team helps you collect information from every source imaginable, from the podcast media host to specialized analytics platforms. We also pull in information from listener reviews, related marketing campaigns, and our own anecdotal evidence.

Every data point we find gets compiled into an easy-to-read report that tells you how your podcast is performing and what actions you can take to make it even better.

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Our podcast analytics process includes:

  • Real-time access to all basic information.
  • Detailed quarterly reports explaining everything.
  • Total downloads after 24 hours, 7 days, and to-date.
  • Listener follow and engagement rates.
  • Podcast chart position.
  • Listener ratings and feedback.
  • Podcast ad stats and impressions.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Marketing campaign attribution.
  • Goal and KPI-related assessment.
  • Our team’s personal assessment.
  • Action items of how to improve.

Make the podcast people want to listen to on 1x speed.

What it’s like to work with Come Alive.

“Come Alive went above and beyond by providing our team with strategic advice to increase our podcast’s visibility and to improve the quality of our episodes.”

“While at Terra Search Partners, Jeff and his Come Alive team produced the Leading Voices in Real Estate Podcast. Beyond holding responsibility for technical production, Come Alive went above and beyond by providing our team with strategic advice to increase our podcast’s visibility and to improve the quality of our episodes. Additionally, his team consistently provided us with key metrics and feedback from our listeners to incorporate into the podcast. Now at 100+ episodes, Leading Voices in Real Estate has been ranked/rated as one of the top podcasts in Commercial Real Estate, and a big part of that success is from Jeff and Come Alive!”

Ally Sherman

(former) Senior Principal, Terra Search Partners

“It’s not even like work – it’s just producing valuable content with a great group of folks that I can now call my friends.”

“I have worked with Come Alive on producing multiple podcasts. As a “podcasting novice,” it was fantastic to have the team’s support, guidance, and input in our corner. Their wealth of knowledge, production capabilities and thoughtful approach was a perfect fit for us. I was always able to get my questions answered quickly and if there was a recording issue or panic on my end, they are always a phone call away with a calming voice and a solution!”

April Sonksen

Multimedia and Partnership Activation Specialist, EOS

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